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Supplemental Material for Zhou et al., 2020

posted on 2020-07-29, 15:44 authored by Yijia Zhou, Funan He, Weilin Pu, Xun Gu, Jiucun Wang, Zhixi Su

Table S1 shows the correlation between the mutation rate of methylated and unmethylated CpG sites in all stages for all sites and Table S2 for common sites. Table S3 shows the methylation level and SNP state for common sites in all stages. Table S4 displays the mutability of dynamic methylation patterns for single sites. Table S5 shows the type and source of expression data for 442 samples.

Figure S1 shows the distribution of SNPs for each type of mutation in the human genome. Figure S2 illustrates the mutation rates for all CpG sites during developmental stages. Figure S3 displays the Spearman correlations between gene expression and the CpGO/E ratio in the promoter regions for 7 tissue types. Figure S4 shows the distribution of methylation level and CpG C>T density of 1-kb windows in different genomic regions. Figure S5 illustrates the Spearman correlation between methylation and C>T mutation rates on CpG and Non-CpG sites in different chromosomes during germline development.


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The Impact of DNA Methylation Dynamics on the Mutation Rate During Human Germline Development

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