Supplemental Material for Zhou et al., 2020

Figure S1 contains verification of related deletion strains and complementary strain.
Figure S2 contains verification of related GFP-labeling strains.
Figure S3 contains the phenotypes of paxB and acnA deletion strains.
Figure S4 contains the localization of α-actinin and PaxB.
Figure S5 contains the detection of the mRNA expression levels of acnA and paxB.
Figure S6 contains Co-IP assay for α-actinin and PaxB.
Figure S7 contains bioinformatic analysis of the potential interacting proteins of α-actinin AcnA, PaxB and Actin ActA.
Table S1 contains GFP-α-actinin pulled-down protein list.
Table S2 contains PaxB-Flag pulled-down protein list.
Table S3 contains putative common-shared interacted proteins by α-actinin and PaxB.