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Supplemental Material for Zheng et al., 2020

posted on 2020-05-29, 13:08 authored by Mingmin Zheng, Tian Yang, Xiaowei Liu, Guihua Lü, Peng Zhang, Bin Jiang, Shufeng Zhou, Yanli Lu, Hai Lan, Shuzhi Zhang, Chuan Li, Tingzhao Rong, Moju Cao
Figure S1 contains sequence alignment of GRMZM2G021276 between CHuangzaosi and A619. Table S1 contains fertility identification of F1 hybrids crossed between CMS-C lines and A619. Table S2 contains fertility ratings of BC2F1, BC3F1, BC6F1 and F2:3 progenies derived from the cross between CHuangzaosi and A619. Table S3 contains the information of 11 markers for QTL mapping. Table S4 contains genotypes of each individual for QTL mapping. Table S5 contains phenotype of each individual for QTL mapping. File S1 contains SNP information for QTL-seq.


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qRf8-1, a Novel QTL for the Fertility Restoration of Maize CMS-C Identified by QTL-seq

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