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Supplemental Material for Yuzon et al., 2023

posted on 2023-03-09, 15:13 authored by Jennifer D. Yuzon, Nathan A. Wyatt, Asieh Vasighzadeh, Shaun ClareShaun Clare, Emma Navratil, Timothy L. Friesen, Eva H. Stukenbrock

File S1. Interchromosomal odds ratio across the Ptt0-1 genome. The statistic is calculated by multiplying the number of the Ptt0-1 and PtmFGO parental genotypes and dividing by the product of the hybrid genotypes. Hybrid genotypes were identified as one allele at one locus coming from Ptt0-1 and the other allele at another locus came from PtmFGO. Parental genotypes were identified as having both alleles from Ptt0-1 or both alleles from PtmFGO. Values greater than 1 indicate higher parental genotype frequency, less than 1 indicates higher hybrid frequency, and equal to 1 indicate parental and hybrid frequencies are equal.


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Hybrid inferiority and genetic incompatibilities drive divergence of fungal pathogens infecting the same host

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