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Supplemental Material for Yang et al., 2020

posted on 2019-11-18, 18:08 authored by Zhuliang Yang, Jixian Deng, Dongfeng Li, Tiantian Sun, Li Xia, Wenwen Xu, Linghu Zeng, Hesheng Jiang, Xiurong Yang
Table S1 contains information about DSRs in three compared groups. Within each sheet, the second column listed the start and the end position for identified DSRs; the third column and the fourth column showed the number of top SNPs in different levels; the last column only exhibited the candidate genes which contained the SNP located in gene area. Table S2-S4 contain information about the genes derived from DSRs and the GO enrichment in three compared groups. For each file, the first sheet showed all genes from DSRs within each group, and the rest sheets showed results of GO enrichment in 3 ontology, which were biological process, molecular function and cellular component, respectively. Every term listed in ontology was arranged with the value of Fold Enrichment, and we exhibited enriched genes within the top 10 terms. Figure S1-S2 are supplemental materials for STRUCTURE analysis.


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Analysis of Population Structure and Differentially Selected Regions in Guangxi Native Breeds by Restriction Site Associated With DNA Sequencing

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