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Supplemental Material for Wu et al., 2022

posted on 2022-06-02, 15:43 authored by Di Wu, Xiaowei Li, Ryokei Tanaka, Joshua C. Wood, Laura E. Tibbs-Cortes, Maria Magallanes-Lundback, Nolan Bornowski, John P. Hamilton, Brieanne Vaillancourt, Christine H. Diepenbrock, Xianran Li, Nicholas T. Deason, Gregory R. Schoenbaum, Jianming Yu, C. Robin Buell, Dean DellaPenna, Michael A. Gore

Supplementary Figures S1-S5, Tables S1-S17, ad Supplementary Methods


Article title

Combining GWAS and TWAS to identify candidate causal genes for tocochromanol levels in maize grain