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Supplemental Material for Wu et al., 2019

posted on 2019-12-05, 14:29 authored by Hainan Wu, Dan Yao, Yuhua Chen, Wenguo Yang, Wei Zhao, Hua Gao, Chunfa Tong
Statistical information on the PacBio Sequel raw data can be found in File S1. The repetitive sequence annotation was saved in File S2 in fasta format. Annotation of noncoding RNAs can be found in File S3. The protein sequences with the predicted genes are contained in File S4 in fasta format. The genome annotation was saved in File S5 in gff3 format. Gene functional annotation information can be found in File S6. The supplementary tables (Tables S1-S7) and figures (Figures S1-S11) can be found in File S7.


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De Novo Genome Assembly of Populus simonii Further Supports That Populus simonii and Populus trichocarpa Belong to Different Sections

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