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Supplemental Material for Woods et al., 2021

posted on 2021-10-09, 13:50 authored by Patrick Woods, Brian J. Campbell, Timothy J. Nicodemus, Edgar B. Cahoon, Jack L. Mullen, John K. McKay
These three files are the data used to conducts all quantitative trait locus mapping in this study.

File_S1 contains the raw mean phenotype data for each F2 plant.

File_S2 contains the quantile normalized mean phenotype data for each F2 plant.

File_S3 contains the linkage map and genotype information used for mapping.

More detailed descriptions of each file's contents are listed within each file. These detailed descriptions can be removed so the data can be used in R.


Article title

Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling Agronomic and Biochemical Traits in Cannabis sativa