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Supplemental Material for Wondimu et al., 2020

posted on 2021-03-15, 17:06 authored by Zeleke Wondimu, Hongxu Dong, Andrew H. Paterson, Walelign Worku, Kassahun Bantte

File S1 contains detailed descriptions of Ethiopian sorghum accessions, their regions of origin and geographic information. File S2 contains SNP ID numbers, locations and SNP genotypes for all accessions and SNPs. File S3 contains co-ancestry coefficient matrix of 304 Ethiopian sorghum accessions based on ADMIXTURE analysis. File S4 contains detailed description of FST outlier SNPs and candidate genes located in the vicinity of these SNPs based on BAYESCAN results for outlier prediction. Figure S1 contains genomic distribution of 108,107 high quality SNPs across the 10 sorghum chromosomes, and their corresponding density. Table S1 contains AMOVA and FST test results for accessions by geographic region and ADMIXTURE subgroup analyses.


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Genetic diversity, population structure and selection signature in Ethiopian Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. [Moench]) germplasm

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