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Supplemental Material for Wixom et al., 2018

posted on 2018-05-16, 14:50 authored by Alexander Q Wixom, N Carol Casavant, Joseph C Kuhl, Fangming Xiao, Louise-Marie Dandurand, Allan B Caplan
TableS1 contains domain annotation metrics. TableS2 contains 4-allele analysis. TableS3 contains PCR primers used. TableS4 contains sequence sources. FigureS1 contains nuclear genome size estimation. FigureS2 contains gene ontology profiles of potato, tomato, and SSI transcriptomes. FigureS3 contains the "Not assigned" gene ontologies of potato, tomato, and SSI transcriptomes. FigureS4 contains gene ontology profile of SSI specific and total SSI sequences.


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Assessment of an Organ-Specific de Novo Transcriptome of the Nematode Trap-Crop, Solanum sisymbriifolium

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