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Supplemental Material for Wittes and Schüpbach, 2018

posted on 31.10.2018, 20:22 authored by Julia Wittes, Trudi Schüpbach
File S1 contains a list of all microarray probes that pass the fold change and P-value thresholds. The genes in this list are sorted into categories and their function, if known, is summarized. Raw P-values and adjusted P-values are also reported in File S1. Files S2, S3 and S4 contain the result of GO statistical overrepresentation analysis of the microarraydataset using Panther, LAGO, and DAVID, respectively. File S5 contains a list of the genes selected for the RNAi screen as well as Stau-GFP scoring (at stage 10) for each RNAi line tested. File S6 lists the probe sequences used for AdamTS-A FISH. File S7 contains a full list of experimental genotypes and incubation temperatures. Table S1 contains quantification associated with Figure 3. Fig S1 depicts the GR1-GAL4 expression pattern. Fig S2 depicts the organization of the Sema1b and AdamTS-A genomic loci. Fig S3 depicts Sema1b RNAi phenotypes.


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A Gene Expression Screen in Drosophila melanogaster Identifies Novel JAK/STAT and EGFR Targets During Oogenesis

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