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Supplemental Material for Wisser, et al., 2021 (in review)

posted on 2021-06-14, 15:24 authored by Randall J. Wisser, Sara J. Oppenheim, Emmalea G. Ernest, Terence T. Mhora, Michael D. Dumas, Nancy F. Gregory, Thomas A. Evans, Nicole M. Donofrio
This supplemental material includes eight files: (i) a repeat masked version of the genome assembly (File S1); the linkage map and QTL mapping results from IciMapping (File S2); synteny maps from Chromosomer (Files S3 and S4); all genes
predicted by Augustus (File S5); proteins of P. lunatus with a match to a P. vulgaris protein (File S6); transcript coverage for P. lunatus predicted genes (File S7); P.lunatus R-gene annotations and comparison with P. vulgaris (File S8).


Article title

Genome assembly of a Mesoamerican derived variety of lima bean: a foundational cultivar in the Mid-Atlantic USA