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Supplemental Material for Wisser, et al., 2021 (in review)

posted on 14.06.2021, 15:24 by Randall J. Wisser, Sara J. Oppenheim, Emmalea G. Ernest, Terence T. Mhora, Michael D. Dumas, Nancy F. Gregory, Thomas A. Evans, Nicole M. Donofrio
This supplemental material includes eight files: (i) a repeat masked version of the genome assembly (File S1); the linkage map and QTL mapping results from IciMapping (File S2); synteny maps from Chromosomer (Files S3 and S4); all genes
predicted by Augustus (File S5); proteins of P. lunatus with a match to a P. vulgaris protein (File S6); transcript coverage for P. lunatus predicted genes (File S7); P.lunatus R-gene annotations and comparison with P. vulgaris (File S8).


Article title

Genome assembly of a Mesoamerican derived variety of lima bean: a foundational cultivar in the Mid-Atlantic USA

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