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Supplemental Material for Will et al., 2020

posted on 2020-04-30, 15:53 authored by Ian Will, Biplabendu Das, Thienthanh Trinh, Andreas Brachmann, Robin A. Ohm, Charissa de Bekker
File S1 contains ant RNAseq data. File S2 contains fungal RNAseq data. File S3 contains additional results and discussion. Figure S1 contains climate data for the experiment setup. Figure S2 contains dendrograms of samples based on RNAseq data. Figure S3 contains an ant WGCNA heatmap. Figure S4 contains a fungal WGCNA heatmap. Table S1 contains ant PCA PC1 genes. Table S2 contains ant PCA PC2 genes. Table S3 contains fungal PCA PC1 genes. Table S4 contains BLAST results for the ant 7 transmembrane domain PFAM enrichment genes in modules A14-15. Table S5 contains BLAST results for the ant immunoglobulin domain PFAM enrichments genes in modules A14-15. Table S6 contains counts of putative secreted proteins in the fungal genome.


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Genetic Underpinnings of Host Manipulation by Ophiocordyceps as Revealed by Comparative Transcriptomics

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