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Supplemental Material for Wiesenfahrt et al., 2018

posted on 2018-03-27, 19:36 authored by T. Wiesenfahrt, J. Duanmu, F. Snider, Donald G. Moerman, V. Au, E. Li-Leger, S. Flibotte, D. M. Parker, C. J. Marshall, E. Osborne Nishimura, P. E. Mains, J. D. McGhee
Wiesenfahrt et al Supplementary Table 1 (File S1) lists all coding-region variants detected by whole genomic sequencing of 17 strains of C. elegans that could specify endoderm by virtue of a single copy of the end-1promoter::elt-2 cDNA transgene.
Wiesenfahrt et al Supplementary Table 2 (File S2) contains quantitative transcript counts (the end-1 gene) obtained by single molecule fluorescent in situ hybridization on one particular strain of C. elegans.


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A Strategy to Isolate Modifiers of Caenorhabditis elegans Lethal Mutations: Investigating the Endoderm Specifying Ability of the Intestinal Differentiation GATA Factor ELT-2

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