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Supplemental Material for Wang et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-08-26, 18:07 authored by Jinping Wang, Shoule Tian, Xiaoli Sun, Xinchao Cheng, Naibin Duan, Jihan Tao, Guangning Shen

Table S1 Illumina sequencing reads used for genome size estimation and the correction of the genome assembly;

Table S2 Size distributions of the PacBio subreads;

Table S3 Statistical details of the PacBio subreads;

Table S4 The initial C. mollissima assembly, as generated by different tools;

Table S5 Statistical details of the Hi-C library data;

Table S6 Details of the alignment of the clean Hi-C data to the initial assembly;

Table S7 Statistical details of all types of Hi-C sequencing pairs;

Table S8 Evaluation using BUSCO;

Table S9 Alignment of the Illumina reads to the C. mollissima genome assembly;

Table S10 Functional annotation of the predicted protein-coding genes;

Table S11 Castanea mollissima gene prediction;

Table S12 Statistical details of the identified genes;

Table S13 Statistical details of the identified repeat sequences;

Fig S1. Distribution of subread lengths;

Figure S2 Nineteen-k-mer estimation of genome size;

Fig S3 Differences in the genes predicted by the Ab initio, homolog, and RNA-sequencing methods;


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Construction of Pseudomolecules for the Chinese Chestnut (Castanea mollissima) Genome

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