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posted on 22.06.2020 by Xiaozhu Wang, Yogeshwar D. Kelkar, Xiao Xiong, Ellen O. Martinson, Jeremy Lynch, Chao Zhang, John H Werren, Xu Wang
Supplemental Materials
Figure S1. Scaffold median coverage and GC content in the N. giraulti genome assembly. Scatterplot of median coverages on the x-axis and GC percentages on the y-axis for each N. giraulti scaffold. Red dots represent Ng genome scaffolds, and green triangle represents Ng mtDNA.
Figure S2. Workflow of bioinformatic identification of Ng-specific genes compared to Nv.
Figure S3. Functional clustering analysis of Ng-specific genes using Blast2GO.
Table S1. Top 10 N. giraulti scaffolds covering each of N. vitripennis chromosomes.
Data S1. A list 5,147,972 high-quality single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) between the N. giraulti and N. vitripennis genome.
Data S2. A list of 42 N. giraulti specific genes.
Data S3. A list of 348 single-copy 1:1 orthologs in N. giraulti and eight other arthropod genomes.


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Genome Report: Whole Genome Sequence and Annotation of the Parasitoid Jewel Wasp Nasonia giraulti Laboratory Strain RV2X[u]

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