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Supplemental Material for Vélez-Segarra et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-07-08, 16:59 authored by Vladimir Vélez, Sahily González-Crespo, Ednalise Santiago-Cartagena, Luis E. Vazquez-Quiñones, Nelson Martinez, Yamirelis Otero, Julián J. Zayas, Rafael Siaca-Meza, Jeanmadi del Rosario, Inoushka Mejías, Jose A. Aponte-Reyes, Noelani C. Collazo, Francisco J. Lasso, Jamie Snider, Matthew Jessulat, Hiroyuki Aoki, Brian C. Rymond, Mohan Babu, Igor Stagljar, Jose Rodriguez-Medina
Tables and Figures that supplement the article. The mutants strains and set of primers used on the study, susceptibility profiles tables, a colony forming unit assay and a Caspofungin spotting assay and western blot for yck2Δwsc2Δ.


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Protein Interactions of the Mechanosensory Proteins Wsc2 and Wsc3 for Stress Resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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