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Supplemental Material for Turner-Hissong et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-09-25, 17:07 authored by Sarah D. Turner-Hissong, Kevin A. Bird, Alexander LipkaAlexander Lipka, Elizabeth G. King, Timothy Beissinger, Ruthie Angelovici
Figure S1 shows amino acid biochemical relationships and families determined by shared precursors.

Figure S2 includes a scatterplot for the first two principal components from PCA of genetic data and a screeplot of variance explained.

Figure S3 provides relative genomic locations of SNPs for each pathway.

Table S1 details free amino acid (FAA) traits calculated from the quantification of 18 FAAs.

Table S2 indicates ecotype ID, ABRC stock name, and accession number for each accession used in the study.

Table S3 includes ranges for the number of genes and SNPs comprising the 1000 null gene groups for each pathway.


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Genomic Prediction Informed by Biological Processes Expands Our Understanding of the Genetic Architecture Underlying Free Amino Acid Traits in Dry Arabidopsis Seeds

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