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Supplemental Material for Treibergs and Giribet, 2020

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posted on 2020-08-28, 14:29 authored by Kira A. Treibergs, Gonzalo Giribet

Table S1: Sample preparation dates for RNA-sequencing

Table S2: Trinity transcriptome assembly metrics for Rhodomonas salina.

Table S3. Annotation of differentially expressed genes up-regulated in autozooid and avicularium tissue

Figure S1: Bryozoan collection sites.

Figure S2: Bryozoan culture

Figure S3: Bryozoan colony growth

Figure S4: Removal of R. salina contamination

Figure S5: BUSCO analysis of assembly completeness

Figure S6: ExN50 Plots

Figure S7: Shared and significantly up-regulated gene transcripts of each zooid type

Figure S8: Autozooid and avicularium transcriptome sample relationships.

Figure S9: Autozooid and avicularium transcriptome gene ontology, biological processes.

Figure S10 Autozooid and avicularium transcriptome GO, cellular components

Figure S11: Autozooid and avicularium transcriptome gene ontology, molecular function


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Differential Gene Expression Between Polymorphic Zooids of the Marine Bryozoan Bugulina stolonifera

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