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Supplemental Material for Tandonnet et al., 2019

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posted on 2019-02-15, 17:00 authored by Sophie Tandonnet, Georgios D. Koutsovoulos, Sally Adams, Delphine Cloarec, Manish Parihar, Mark L. Blaxter, André Pires-daSilva
Figure S1 has the annotation of the Auanema rhodensis mitochondrial genome, Figure S2 shows the synteny relationships between chromosomes of Auanema rhodensis and other Rhabditid nematodes, Figure S3 shows the normalized expression of genes on the A. rhodensis X in each chromosome, Figure S4 shows the number of progeny of each sex RNAi injections targeting the DM domain transcription factor Arh.g5747 (dmd-10/11). In Table S1 are the non-coding RNA loci in the genome of Auanema rhodensis, in Table S2 the number of conserved genes between A. rhodensis and D. melanogaster, in Table S3 the results of the Gene Ontology (GO) analysis comparing the X chromosome GO categories to the autosomal ones, in Table S4 the number of within- and between-strain variants per linkage group and their density, and in Table S5 the orthologs of known sex determination genes of C. elegans. In File S1 are the results of the Gene Ontology (GO) analysis of differentially expressed (DE) genes.


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Chromosome-Wide Evolution and Sex Determination in the Three-Sexed Nematode Auanema rhodensis

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