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Supplemental Material for Tanaka et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-03-17, 16:31 authored by Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Ryo Nishijima, Shota Teramoto, Yuka Kitomi, Takeshi Hayashi, Yusaku Uga, Taiji Kawakatsu
Table S1. Annotation data of possible missing genes in IR64 genome. Figure S1. Genome alignment between IRGSP-1.0 genome and IR64 scaffolds. Red and blue dots represent forward and reverse alignments, respectively. Figure S2. Chromosome alignments between R498 and IR64 v.1.0. Figure S3. Chromosome alignments between IRGSP-1.0 and IR64 v.1.0. Figure S4. Chromosome alignments of chromosome 6 from 13 Mbp to 19 Mbp. Figure S5. Chromosomal distribution of genes mapped on IR64 v.1.0 unanchored sequences. Figure S6. Fraction of missing genic regions in IR64 covered by paired-end reads obtained from linked-read sequencing of IR64 genome. Figure S7. Distribution of gene ontologies.


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De novo Genome Assembly of the indica Rice Variety IR64 Using Linked-Read Sequencing and Nanopore Sequencing

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