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Supplemental Material for Steketee et al., 2020

posted on 2020-02-28, 14:48 authored by Clinton Steketee, William T. Schapaugh, Thomas E. Carter, Jr., Zenglu Li
These are the supplemental files for Steketee et. al., 2019. This upload includes three supplemental figures, two tables, and two files. Figure S1 is a scree plot showing amount of genetic variation explained by the first 10 principal coordinates for the drought tolerance association panel.
Figure S2 shows Bayesian clustering (fastSTRUCTURE) results for K = 2 - 10 using simple option for the association panel. Figure S3 is plots showing relationship of canopy wilting scores of the lines ranked across environments with (A) maturity group (MG), and (B) days to flowering (DTF). Table S1 is the canopy wilting scores, ranking, number of beneficial alleles, and breeding values for each accession tested. Table S2 is the candidate genes and their functional annotation identified using the Glyma2.1 gene models in SoyBase (www.soybase.org) within plus or minus 10 kb of SNPs significantly associated with canopy wilting from GWAS. File S1 is the SNP genotype data used for GWAS in HapMap format. File S2 is the canopy wilting score raw data. Full descriptions of each supplemental file are located in the Supplementary Material section of manuscript.


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Genome-Wide Association Analyses Reveal Genomic Regions Controlling Canopy Wilting in Soybean

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