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Supplemental Material for Starcher et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-08-16, 14:05 authored by Abigail E. Starcher, Kristen Peissig, James B. Stanton, Gary A. Churchill, Dunpeng Cai, Joshua T. Maxwell, Arthur Grider, Kim Love, Shi-You Chen, Amanda E. Coleman, Emma Strauss, Robert Pazdro
Table S1 contains all raw, uncorrected phenotypic data from the Diversity Outbred (DO) mice. File S1 contains the GeneSeek data containing the genotypes from each mouse. FileS2 contains the genotype probabilities and File S3 contains the script used for the genotype probabilities. File S4 contains the marker information containing the genetic map (cM) and physical map (Mbp) for the GigaMUGA, the eight founder strain genotypes, and the GigaMUGA founder genetic maps (cM) and physical maps (Mbp) for each chromosome. File S5 contains the genetic mapping reports.


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A systems approach using Diversity Outbred mice distinguishes the cardiovascular effects and genetics of circulating GDF11 from those of its homolog, myostatin