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Supplemental Material for Spinner et al., 2020

posted on 2020-08-10, 15:09 authored by Michael A. Spinner, Katherine Pinter, Catherine M. Drerup, Tory G. Herman
Legends for Supplemental Figures S1-S4 are provided within the figures themselves.

Movie S1. Movement of Vezl:Venus within axons.
Four short movies (spiced together) of Vezl:Venus imaged in axon bundles of wild-type animals containing two copies each of the OK371-Gal4 and UAS-Vezl:Venus transgenes. Vezl:Venus is present in axons and mostly stationary, but puncta and worm-like shapes of Vezl:Venus can occasionally be seen moving anterogradely or retrogradely.

Table S1 contains the numerical values for bar graphs in Figures 1-7 and Figures S2-S4.


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A Conserved Role for Vezatin Proteins in Cargo-Specific Regulation of Retrograde Axonal Transport

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