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Supplemental Material for Sloan and Ligoxygakis, 2020

posted on 2020-03-23, 14:04 authored by Megan A. Sloan, Petros Ligoxygakis

Table S1 – A list of plasmids produced in this work allowing the expression of a fluorescent protein in Herpetomonas muscarum

Supplementary Table S2 – Primers for construction of novel expression vector pMS003. Restriction sites (red): CTCGAG = XhoI, AAGCTT=HindIII, ACTAGT=SpeI, GAATTC=EcoRI, CATATG=NdeI.

Figure S1 – Plasmid map of pMS003 showing unique 6+ cutter restriction enzyme sites. This image was produced using SnapGene software.

SD1: The plasmid sequence for pMS003. This plasmid allows the expression of the fluorescent protein tdTomato in H. muscarum under selection of the antibiotic neomycin. It may also be used to knock out or tag the C-terminus of H. muscarum genes of interest.


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Tools for the Genetic Manipulation of Herpetomonas muscarum

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