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Supplemental Material for Sivakumar et al., 2020

posted on 2020-11-30, 15:26 authored by Smruthy Sivakumar, F. Anthony San Lucas, Yasminka A. Jakubek, Zuhal Ozcan, Jerry Fowler, Paul Scheet
The following supplemental figures and tables, accompanying our manuscript, have been provided.

Figure S1. Distribution of allelic imbalance burdens across 33 tumor sites in TCGA.
Figure S2. Relationship between overall allelic imbalance genomic burden and concordance between call sets.
Figure S3. Distribution of concordance statistics between SCNA call sets.

Table S1: Landscape of allelic imbalance events across all 33 tumor types in TCGA
Table S2: Summary of the comparison of chromosomal alterations inferred from hapLOH with those previously reported in TCGA as well as the performance of the proposed automated adjustment procedure on putative problematic cases in TCGA
Table S3: Putative problematic cases in TCGA based on the assessments of chromosomal alterations


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Pan cancer patterns of allelic imbalance from chromosomal alterations in 33 tumor types

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