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Supplemental Material for Simon et al., 2023

posted on 2023-07-28, 17:07 authored by Rebecca Simon, Sarah Kiener, Nina Thom, Laura Schäfer, Janina Müller, Elfi K. Schlohsarcyk, Ulrich Gärtner, Christiane Herden, Tosso Leeb, Gesine Lühken

Table S1. Accession numbers of 78 cat genome sequences.

Table S2. Private sequence variants in the sequenced kitten affected with EDS.

Table S3. List of sampled cats including genotype.

Table S4. Results of the parentage testing using an ISAG approved microsatellite panel.


Article title

Identification of an ADAMTS2 frameshift variant in a cat family with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

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