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posted on 2018-11-05, 15:15 authored by Meng-Fu Maxwell Shih, Fred Davis, Gilbert Henry, Josh Dubnau
Files S1 – S7 contain the expression pattern for each of the split-GAL4 drivers, while Files S8 – S14 contain one example of the cognate WM images used for cell counting, in the order of MB607B, MB131B, MB370B, MB418B, MB371B, MB185B and MB594B. Figure S1 contains the olfactory short-term memory performancefor 10 newly generated isogenic strains. Figure S2 contains overview of the workflow of TAPIN purification of nuclei and the molecular size distribution of amplified cDNA obtained from the 14 TAPIN-seq libraries. Figure S3 and S4 contains the view of the cell bodies of MB KCs in the confocal images that have double labeling for immunostaining and GAL4 expression. Table S1 contains the TAPIN-seq library statistics, including the numbers of raw reads, pseudoaligned reads and uniquely aligned reads, as well as the detected gene numbers. Table S2 contains the full list of genes enriched and depleted in individual MB classes and subtypes.


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Nuclear Transcriptomes of the Seven Neuronal Cell Types That Constitute the Drosophila Mushroom Bodies

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