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Supplemental Material for Selga et al., 2021

posted on 2021-10-14, 18:33 authored by Catja Selga, Fredrik Reslow, Paulino Pérez-Rodríguez, Rodomiro Ortiz
Genotypic and phenotypic from potato breeding program from SLU from 669 tetraploid potato genotypes (described as clone in the two data sets).

Genotypic data collected using the 22K SNPs from the GGPv3.0 array. Genotypes with four alleles per locus are recoded to numeric format (0-4) as described in manuscript.

Phenotypic data for seven breeding traits, for details see manuscript. Populations are based on breeding cycle in SLU's breeding program. Location is location of field in which clones were grown and data recorded. Replicates vary among locations and clones, as described.


Article title

The power of genomic estimated breeding values for selection when using a finite population size in genetic improvement of tetraploid potato