Supplemental Material for Schoonmaker et al., 2019

Figure S1 gives the distribution of Ka values for the three MIG genomes
Ten core data files are broken down as:
1-3: Gene order files:
· Meloidogyne_arenaria_POInT_geneorders.txt
· Meloidogyne_incognita_POInT_geneorders.txt
· Meloidogyne_javanica_POInT_geneorders.txt
4: The inferred ancestral gene order: Nematode_WGT_OptOrder.txt
5-8: 4 models of gene loss after triplication:
· WGT_Null_model.txt
· WGT_1Frac_model.txt
· WGT_1FracS_model.txt
· WGT_1FracS2_model.txt
9: The optimized phylogenetic topology, Nematode_WGT_OptTopo.tre
10: The set of orthology predictions from POInT: