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Supplemental Material for Schoemaker, et al. 2023

posted on 2023-11-07, 15:33 authored by Dylan L. Schoemaker, Yinjie Qiu, Natalia de Leon, Candice N. Hirsch, Shawn M. Kaeppler

Supplementary File S1: Best linear unbiased estimates (BLUEs) of inbred lines from mapping populations and Wisconsin Diversity (WiDiv) panel.

SupplementaryFileS2.hmp.txt: Hapmap used for the association analysis.

Supplementary File S3.RData: R objects for conducting QTL mapping.

Schoemaker,-G3-Supplementary-File-S4.html: An HTML file with a description of the objects in Supplementary File S3 and provides the necessary code to conduct each of the steps for genetic mapping.