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Supplemental Material for Santantonio, Sorrells, and Jannink, 2019

posted on 2019-01-23, 14:23 authored by Nicholas SantantonioNicholas Santantonio, Mark E. Sorrells, Jean-Luc Jannink
A list of homeologous genes can be found in supplementary file `homeoGeneList.txt'. The supplementary file `HomeoMarkerSet.txt' contains non-unique marker sets anchored to each homeologous gene set. Unique marker sets used can be found in `uniqueHomeoMarkerSet.txt', `WithinMarkerSet.txt', `AcrossMarkerSet.txt' for the Homeo, Within and Across marker sets. Marker and marker interaction effect estimates and p-values for the Homeo set can be found in `twoWayInteractions.txt' and `threeWayInteractions.txt' for two- and three-way marker interactions, respectively. Phenotypes and genotypes used in the RIL population are included in the `NY8080Cal.txt' file.
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Homeologous Epistasis in Wheat: The Search for an Immortal Hybrid

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