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Supplemental Material for Saenko et al., 2020

posted on 2020-12-23, 17:58 authored by Suzanne SaenkoSuzanne Saenko, Dick SJ. Groenenberg, Angus DavisonAngus Davison, Menno SchilthuizenMenno Schilthuizen

File S1 contains de novo library of repeats and transposable elements generated by RepeatModeler.

File S2 contains sequences of protein-coding genes predicted in the C. nemoralis genome with MAKER.

File S3 contains MAKER annotation results.

Figure S1 describes main characteristics of the predicted protein-coding genes.

Table S1 contains GenomeScope results.

Table S2 contains full output of the BlobTools analysis.

Table S3 contains BUSCO results.

Table S4 contains RepeatMasker results.

Table S5 contains functional annotation of the predicted protein-coding genes.

**Figures S1 and Tables S1, S3, and S4 are in the combined file.


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The draft genome sequence of the grove snail Cepaea nemoralis

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