Supplemental Material for Ruby et al., 2018

SuppTextDiagsFigs.pdf contains Supplemental Text, Supplemental Diagrams, and Supplemental Figures as a single multi-page PDF document. Text & Diagrams describe the structural equation models used in the manuscript in detail and discuss the mathematical relationships between their various parameters. Supplemental Figures are provided along with accompanying text describing and discussing their methods and results. The various topics covered can be navigated using the TOC.

SuppDataFile1.xlsx provides raw values for all population-level statistics presented in this manuscript & supplement, including sample sizes and estimate errors where appropriate, organized by figure, in Excel spreadsheet format.

SuppDataFile2.txt provides far more comprehensive set of regression-based heritability estimates, along with cohort statistics and estimate errors, as tab-delimited text.

For both SuppDataFile1.xlsx and SuppDataFile2.txt, population sizes are rounded to 1000-person resolution (or <1000 indicated when relevant), and calculated values are limited to five significant figures or decimal places, whichever is fewer.