Supplemental Material for Rubin et al., 2019

SNPs and mean trait values for three Arabidopsis thaliana recombinant inbred line populations: Ws-2 x C24, Ws-2 x Ler and Ler x Ws-2. ‘.’ represent missing data in trait files. For SNP files, 0 and 2 are alternative homozygous genotypes and 1 denotes the heterozygous genotype. Specifically, for the Ws-2 x C24 RIL population: 0 = C24/C24, 1 = C24/Ws-2 and 2 = Ws-2/Ws-2 genotypes and for the Ws-2 x Ler and Ler x Ws-2 RIL populations: 0 = Ler/Ler, 1 = Ler/Ws-2 and 2 = Ws-2/Ws-2 genotypes.