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Supplemental Material for Rondeau et al., 2022

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posted on 2023-02-02, 13:57 authored by Eric B. Rondeau, Kris A. Christensen, David R. Minkley, Jong S. Leong, Michelle T.T. Chan, Cody A. Despins, Anita Mueller, Dionne Sakhrani, Carlo A. Biagi, Quentin RougemontQuentin Rougemont, Eric Normandeau, Steven J.M. Jones, Robert H. Devlin, Ruth E. Withler, Terry D. Beacham, Kerry A. Naish, José M. Yáñez, Roberto Neira, Louis Bernatchez, William S. Davidson, Ben F. Koop

Nucleotide variants were called using GATK version 3.8 with the coho salmon RefSeq genome assembly GCF_002021735.2 (GenBank assembly accession GCA_002021735.2).  Samples were from the following NCBI BioProjects: PRJNA401427 and PRJNA808051.


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Population-size history inferences from the coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) genome

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