Supplemental Material for Rivera-Colón et al., 2020

Supplementary Materials for Rivera-Colon et al. 2020 - Multiple loci control eyespot number variation on the hindwings of Bicyclus anynana butterflies.
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Supplmental Tables/Figures:
Figure S1 - Inter-scaffold linkage disequilibrium matrix for all outlier SNPs
Table S1 - Sample Information
Table S2 - List and description of annotated BANY.1.2 genes pressent in DHSN association peaks
bany_DHEN.relatedness - GEMMA relatedness matrix for sequenced samples
bany_gatk_r50-d30_gd5_maf05_al2 - VCF of GATK genotypes
bany_stacks_populations_p2_r75_maf05 - VCF of STACKS genotypes