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Supplemental Material for Rio et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-07-16, 14:23 authored by Simon RioSimon Rio, Laurence Moreau, Alain Charcosset, Tristan Mary-Huard
These files correspond to supplemental material associated with the study: "Accounting for group-specific allele effects and admixture in genomic predictions: theory and experimental evaluation in maize", written by Simon Rio, Laurence Moreau, Alain Charcosset and Tristan Mary-Huard in 2020.

Files include:
- File_S1 (.pdf): Details on MAGBLUP-RI derivation
- File_S2 (.pdf): Presentation of an alternative formalism for GBLUP according to which both individuals and allele effects are random
- File_S3 (.pdf): Precision of MAGBLUP-RI and -RAE variance estimates
- File_S4 (.csv): LS-means of the 970 individuals of the Flint-Dent dataset for five real traits
- File_S5 (.R): Main R code to run all GBLUP and MAGBLUP models
- File_S6 (.R): R functions to be used in the main R code
- File_S7 (.pdf): Supplementary figures
- File_S8 (.pdf): Supplementary tables


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Accounting for Group-Specific Allele Effects and Admixture in Genomic Predictions: Theory and Experimental Evaluation in Maize

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