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posted on 2018-11-15, 18:22 authored by Linda Riles, Justin C. Fay

Data availability statement: All strains and constructs are available upon request to the corresponding author. Supplemental Table 1: Strains used in this study. Supplemental Table 2: Recombinant strain barcode indices, sequencing and phenotypes used for QTL mapping. Supplemental Table 3: Primers used in this study. Supplemental Table 4: Summary of candidate genes tested for two QTL regions. Supplemental Table 5: Genes tested for complementation using a MoBY and/or a hemizygosity test. Supplemental Table 6: Colony size measurements using ImageJ for HN6 X KO Hemizygotes on Chromosome 14. Supplementary Figure 1: Ethanol and heat sensitivity of control strains. Supplementary Figure 2: Logarithm of the odds ratio (LOD) of a quantitative trait locus for heat and ethanol tolerance at high temperature across the genome. Supplementary Figure 3: Protein alignment of HN6, Oak and S288c for SEC24 and PSD1. Supplementary Figure 4: Phenotypes of resistant wild yeast strains, Oak, Wine and S288c, containing high copy Oak allele plasmids grown at 40o. Data File S1. Genotypes and phenotypes of recombinant strains used for QTL mapping. The raw data used to call genotypes for QTL mapping has been deposited into NCBI's SRA under BioProject: PRJNA480857.


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Genetic Basis of Variation in Heat and Ethanol Tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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