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Supplemental Material for Randhawa et al., 2020

posted on 2019-11-25, 16:52 authored by Imtiaz A.S. Randhawa, Brian M. Burns, Michael R. McGowan, Laercio R. Porto-Neto, Ben J. Hayes, Ryan Ferretti, Karen M. Schutt, Russell E. Lyons

Table S1 Comparison of SNP-based current poll testing (CPT) and the optimized poll testing (OPT) assays on 20,636 samples for the frequency of “No results” in various cattle breeds.

Table S2 List of 14 microsatellites mapped within the Poll locus on chromosome 1.

Table S3 Call rate of 10 SNPs in different cattle breeds and cross-bred populations.

Table S4 Results of targeted DNA sequences of 55 Brahman samples showing 60bp genome region around SNP rs800947704[C/T=Y] (marked as 0) and upstream variant SNP rs381418143 [A/G=R] (marked as -3). Two types of errors were observed in the genotyping assays, 1: genotype failed (--) when -3=G (yellow highlights), 2: wrong genotypes when -3=R and 0=Y (purple highlights).

Figure S1 Distribution (%) of MSAT and SNP based poll gene testing results for Horned (HH), Hybrid (HP), Polled (PP) and failing (“Not Determined” or “No Results” ) samples across 10 Australian beef breeds (n=16,941).

Figure S2 Breed-wise distribution (%) of Optimized Poll Testing (OPT) assay results (HH = Horned, HP = Hybrids, PP = Polled, No Results = Failed assay) in first column and Allele Frequencies (AF) of Horn (H), Poll-Celtic (PC) and Poll-Friesian (PF) mutations in column 2 across ten Australian beef breeds (n = 16,903). Note that presence of H alleles in Angus and PC/PF alleles in Wagyu is indicative of cross-bred individuals. Overall, the results show that polled animals of Australian beef breeds predominantly carry PC as compared to PF, except for Shorthorn.

Data 1 Validation population phenotypes and Poll markers genotypes data file: Data_1_project_validation_populations_phenotypes_and_poll_locus_SNPs.csv

Data 2 Commercial population Poll markers genotypes and BREEDPLAN phenotypes data file:



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Optimized Genetic Testing for Polledness in Multiple Breeds of Cattle

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