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Supplemental Material for Pitchers et al., 2019

posted on 2019-02-20, 18:33 authored by William Pitchers, Jessica Nye, Eladio J. Márquez, Alycia Kowalski, Ian DworkinIan Dworkin, David HouleDavid Houle
Supplemental Table and Figures in PDF format. Supplemental Materials and methods. Supplemental tables in .xlsx format.

File S1. Supplementary Materials and Methods.

File S2. Means and S.D. of PC scores by lab and sex of fly, eigenvectors of the combined data set, and the estimated among-line genetic variance-covariance matrix in a 40-dimensional and phenotypic (97-dimensional) spaces.

File S3. Significant SNPs from the MANOVA and LASSO analyses.

File S4. Enriched biological process gene ontology categories. Table consists of the modified output from the WebGestalt analysis of the 479 genes implicated by the LASSO-significant SNPs.

File S5. Genes studied in RNAi knockdown experiments, the quantiles of maximum correlations out of 580 random comparisons, and the angles between effect vectors and the first 5 PCS of the combined data set.

File S6. Vectors correlations>0.5 between dictionary knockdown vectors and LASSO SNP vectors.

The File BoythLabs_Wings_28Oct.csv is the Procrustes superimposed data from both labs (22923 wings) from the DGRP used for the primary GWAS described in this study.

The zip file contains all of the genotyping data for the replication analysis for the ME-NC cohort as described in the paper.

slid_lmdata_DGRP+NC&ME.dat contains all of the wings from both the DGRP and the NC & ME replication set jointly superimposed.


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A Multivariate Genome-Wide Association Study of Wing Shape in Drosophila melanogaster

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