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Supplemental Material for Petrasch et al., 2021

posted on 2021-10-26, 17:44 authored by Stefan Petrasch, Saskia D. Mesquida-Pesci, Dominique D.A. Pincot, Mitchell J. Feldmann, Cindy M. López, Randi Famula, Michael A. Hardigan, Glenn S. Cole, Steven J. Knapp, Barbara Blanco-Ulate
This repository includes genotypic (File S2), phenotypic (File S3), and other supplemental data files, figures, and tables for Petrasch et al. (2021). File S1 is a text file with a custom macro developed to process photographic images of strawberry fruit using ImageJ, a "public domain Java image processing program" ( File S2 stores 50K Axiom SNP array genotypic data for the multifamily and the Royal Royce x Tangi population. File S3 stores the phenotypic data from our study. Custom R and PERL scripts developed for genetic mapping analyses are stored in File S4. File S5 stores information on candidate genes linked to gray mold resistance QTL with physical addresses and genome annotations from the F. x ananassa 'Camarosa' v1.0 reference genome (Edger et al., 2019). The latter is available at the Genome Database for Rosaceae ( File S6 stores the estimated marginal means (EMMs) and genomic-estimated breeding values (GEBVs) for gray mold resistance and fruit quality phenotypes among 380 individuals in a multi-family training population and 233 individuals in the Royal Royce x Tangi population. Fig. S1 displays time-series photographs of fruit of the long shelf life summer-plant cultivars 'Finn' and 'Mojo' at 0, 7, and 14 days of postharvest storage. Fig. S2 displays the phenotypic distributions and parent EMMs for gray mold resistance phenotypes within full-sib families. Fig. S3 displays kernel densities for genomic prediction accuracy estimated by cross-validation using support vector machine.


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Genomic Prediction of Strawberry Resistance to Postharvest Fruit Decay Caused by the Fungal Pathogen Botrytis cinerea