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Supplemental Material for Peterson and Payseur, 2020

posted on 2020-11-25, 14:15 authored by April L Peterson, Bret A. Payseur
Table S1 contains the results from 40 linear and mixed models. Model descriptions can be found in Table 2.

Figure S1 contains plots showing the distributions of MLH1 counts per cell across mouse categories.

Figure S2 contains plots for normalized interfocal distances grouped by sex and strain.

Figure S3 contains plots showing the proportions of bivalent classes grouped by sex and strain.

File_S1 is a dataset of MLH1 counts.

File_S2 is a dataset of chromosome class proportions. Sheet 1 contains the raw data, Sheet 2 contains the proportions by strain.

File_S3 is a dataset of DMC1 counts.

File_S4 is a dataset of total SC measurements for individual cells.

File_S5 is a dataset of single bivalent measures.

File_S6 is a script for cleaning, organizing and compiling raw data for analysis.

File_S7 is a RData file containing cleaned data after running File_S6.

File_S8 is a script for analyzing the datasets.

File_S9 is a RData file after analyses were run.

File_S10 is a R script defining functions used in the analysis.


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Sex-Specific Variation in the Genome-wide Recombination Rate

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