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Supplemental Material for Peters Haugrud et al., 2022

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posted on 2022-10-13, 15:38 authored by Amanda R. Peters Haugrud, Qijun Zhang, Andrew J. Green, Steven S. Xu, Justin D. Faris

This dataset includes the molecular marker data for the Divide x PI 272527 recombinant inbred tetraploid wheat population. A total of 10,486 markers derived from the Illumina 90K wheat array were used to construct the genetic linkage maps. The file contains all marker names using the SNP marker index designations, all marker data for the 219 recombinant inbred lines, the chromosomal locations for all markers, and the genetic positions of the markers along the chromosomes.


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Identification of stable QTL controlling multiple yield components in a durum × cultivated emmer wheat population under field and greenhouse conditions

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