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Supplemental Material for Pers and Hansen, 2021

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posted on 2021-04-06, 22:24 authored by Daniel Pers, Allison K. Hansen

Supplemental Material:

Supplemental Materials and Methods

Supplemental Figures S1 to S8

Supplemental Tables S1 to S8

Legends for Supplemental Datasets S1 to S10

Supplemental References

Dataset S1: Raw and Normalized Read Counts

Dataset S2: Differentially Expressed Genes

Dataset S3: Differentially Expressed Isoforms

Dataset S4: GSEA Enriched KEGG Pathways

Dataset S5: Enzymes from GSEA Enriched

KEGG Pathways

Dataset S6: Expression and Methylation

Profiles of Symbiotic and

Developmental Genes of Interest

Dataset S7: Differentially Methylated Sites

Dataset S8: Differentially Methylated and

Differentially Expressed Genes and


Dataset S9: RNAseq Code

Dataset S10: WGBSseq Code


Article title

The boom and bust of the aphid’s essential amino acid metabolism across nymphal development