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Supplemental Material for Pallares, Picard, and Ayroles, 2020

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posted on 2019-11-11, 20:22 authored by Luisa F. Pallares, Serge Picard, Julien F. Ayroles
File S1 contains step-by-step instructions for the TM3’seq library preparation protocol. File S2 contains step-by-step instructions for the mRNA extraction protocol. File S3 describes how to implement UMIs in the TM3’seq standard protocol. Table S1 contains the sequences of the oligos used in the TM3’seq protocol. Figure S1 describes general mapping parameters of the RNA samples used in this manuscript. Figure S2 shows the effect of sequencing depth and amplification cycles for TM3’seq libraries. Figure S3 summarized the results of ERCC analysis of NEB and TM3’seq libraries. Figure S4 and S5 show the raw ERCC-Dashboard output of the ERCC analysis for TM3'seq and NEB, respectively.


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TM3’seq: A Tagmentation-Mediated 3’ Sequencing Approach for Improving Scalability of RNAseq Experiments

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