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Supplemental Material for Odell et al., 2021

posted on 2022-01-11, 15:20 authored by Sarah G. Odell, Asher I. Hudson, Sébastien Praud, Pierre Dubreuil, Marie-Hélène Tixier, Jeffrey Ross-IbarraJeffrey Ross-Ibarra, Daniel E. Runcie
Methods_Supplemental1. docx File S1 contains a detailed description of the crossing scheme used to develop the MAGIC population.
Methods_Supplemental2.pdf File S2 shows Manhattan plots similar to Figure 3 for individual environments.
Methods_Supplemental3.pdf File S3 shows founder effect size plots for vgt1 similar to Figure 4 for individual environments.
Methods_Supplemental4.xlsx File S4 is contains tables of all QTL identified in the study, their locations, and their effect sizes estimates from the bi-allelic, ancestral haplotype, and founder models.
Biogemma_600K_Genotypes_AGPv4_final_norm.vcf.gz contains Affymetrix 600K SNP array genotype data for 344 MAGIC DH lines, 16 founders, and the tester, MBS847.


Article title

Modeling Allelic Diversity of Multi-parent Mapping Populations Affects Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci