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Supplemental Material for Nsibi et al., 2020

posted on 2020-10-15, 15:25 authored by Mariem NsibiMariem Nsibi, Barbara Gouble, Sylvie Bureau, Timothée Flutre, Christopher Sauvage, Jean-Marc AudergonJean-Marc Audergon, Jean-Luc Regnard

File S1 contains the raw phenotypic data. Descriptive statistics of phenotypic data are presented in File S2 .File S3 contains the estimations of trait heritability. The genotypic data are available in File S4. The results of QTL detection are summarized in File S5 and the two genetic maps are provided in File S6. Pairwise genetic correlation between the traits are available in File S7. R scripts are provided in File S8.


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Adoption and Optimization of Genomic Selection To Sustain Breeding for Apricot Fruit Quality

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