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Supplemental Material for Nelson et al., 2018

posted on 2018-06-13, 20:07 authored by Jonathan O. Nelson, Dominique Förster, Kimberly A. Frizzell, Stefan Luschnig, Mark M. Metzstein
Fig S1 contains examples of Smg5 mutant allele fluorescence enhancement phenotype.

Fig S2 contains lethal phase and developmental delays of single and double mutants for NMD genes.

Fig S3 contains Smg5 genomic rescue scheme and results.

Fig S4 contains absolute expression data of Gadd45 in double mutant conditions.

Figure S5 contains schematics of SV40 3'UTR deletion constructs and expression and NMD sensitivity data.

Figure S6 contains absolute expression data for Gadd45 in pcm and Smg1 single and double mutants.

Table S1 contains a list of Drosophila mutant alleles used in the study and allele references.

Table S2 contains a list of the molecular identity of all Smg5 mutant alleles identified in this study.


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Multiple Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Processes Require Smg5 in Drosophila

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