Supplemental Material for Mouresan, Selle and Rönnegård, 2019

Figure S1 contains the accuracies (standard errors) obtained from all models tested (SNP-BLUP, alternative and additional models) under scenarios of simulated genetic architecture 1, 2 and 3.
Figure S2 contains the time of execution for the alternative model W10 (categorical model with window of 10 SNPs) with increasing number of individuals (upper part) and with increasing number of markers (lower part) calculated as seconds per iteration.
File S1 and File S2 contain the main code and functions for the simulation.
File S3 contains the description of the theory of the equivalent models.
Table S1 contains a summary of the additional models tested for each scenario of genetic architecture.
Table S2 contrains the mean square error of the predicted EGBVs (MSEP) in the validation set (generation 2) for the scenario 0 (Sc0) with 10 QTLs per chromosome.